Slides Speaker Title
Altan Altinok, Ozan The Generalized Theories of Evolution
Andrews, Mel Adapting Evolution — Complexity and Culture in a Universal Darwinian Framework
Baraghith, Karim The Causal Interactionist Population Concept in Generalized Darwinian Systems
Baraghith, Karim & Feldbacher-Escamilla, Christian Success-Based Inheritance in Cultural Evolution
Boge, Florian J. Is ‘Quantum Darwinism’ really a Darwinism?
Boudry, Maarten & Hofhuis, Steije Parasites of the Mind. How cultural representations can subvert human interests
Dennett, Daniel Tools Making Tools: the recursive de-Darwinization of human culture
Greslehner, Gregor P. Synthetic Biology and Experimental Evolution: Expanding the structure-function space
Jablonka, Eva Culture: An Evolutionary-Developmental Approach
Mohseni, Aydin Stochastic Stability and Disagreement in Evolutionary Dynamics
Mesoudi, Alex The Viability of a Theory and Science of Cultural Evolution
Rubin, Hannah Inclusive Fitness. How Not to Import Ideas from Cultural Evolution
Schurz, Gerhard Generalizing Evolution Theory: Evolution in nature and culture
Skyrms, Brian Some Evolutionary Dynamics of Signaling Games
Veit, Walter The Evolution of Multicellularity: Cheating done right