Summer School Venue

The venue of the summer school is the Haus der Universität, downtown, Schadowplatz 14, 40212 Duesseldorf. Detailed information about the venue is available at

Map of the venue:

To reach the venue from the main station, take any underground to Heinrich-Heine-Allee. From there it is about 10min walk to the venue.

Venue Accessibility

All rooms are handicapped accessible. There are disabled toilets available and floors are connected via elevators. For support just contact the organisers.


Eduroam is available at the whole venue:


The nearest ATM is located at Schadowstraße 17 (distance: est. 30m).

Coffee and Refreshments

Coffee and tea will be served during the refreshment breaks. There are also several coffee shops next to the venue.

Dinner Restaurants

There are many nice restaurants in the city center. For traditional/local food you may consider:

  • Brewery “Füchschen”: Ratinger Straße 28, 40213 Duesseldorf
  • Brewery “Schlösser Quartier Bohème”: Ratinger Straße 25, 40213 Duesseldorf
  • Brewery “Zum Schlüssel”: Bolkerstraße 41–47, 40213 Duesseldorf
  • Restaurant “Zum Schwan”: Muehlenstraße 2, 40213 Duesseldorf
  • Brewery “Uerige”: Berger Straße 1, 40213 Duesseldorf

We also recommend:

  • Woyton am Schadowplatz: next to the venue
  • Food Court at the Schadow-Arkarden: Schadowstraße 11, 40212 Duesseldorf
  • Bistro Zicke: Bäckerstraße 5a, 40213 Duesseldorf
  • Palio Poccino: Königsallee 2, 40212 Duesseldorf
  • A Tavola: Wallstr. 11, 40213 Duesseldorf
  • Wilma Wunder: Martin-Luther-Platz 27, 40212 Duesseldorf

Tourist Information

Tourist information on the city of Duesseldorf and a city guide can be found here.

Police and Medical Assistance

If you need to call the police or need an ambulance, the emergency number is 112.

On Arrival

Transportation from/to airport: Please be aware that there are two airports associated with Duesseldorf: Duesseldorf Airport (DUS) and Airport Duesseldorf Weeze (NRN). While Duesseldorf Airport (DUS) is very close to the city, Airport Duesseldorf Weeze (NRN) is actually about 90 kilometers away from Duesseldorf. Transportation from Duesseldorf Airport (DUS) to the main station costs about 25 EUR with taxi and about 2,80 EUR with train. For the latter buy a zone A single fare ticket – valid up to 90 minutes after stamping – and take the train S11. Please find a map of Duesseldorf here.

Public Transportation in Duesseldorf

If you need to use buses, trams, or the metro, you might want to buy a single ticket (about 2,80 EUR), a day ticket (about 7,10 EUR), all for the zone A (the university is within this zone). There is also a 7-day ticket for about 22,50 EUR. The tickets can be purchased in the buses, trams (coins only), and the metro (coins only) as well as at ticket machines at the main station or the old town. You can find information about routes, timetables, and prices at the website of the Rheinbahn: To reach the venue from the main station, take any underground going to Heinrich-Heine-Allee.


You can phone up and book a taxi from a taxi office; call (24h): +49 (0)211 33333 or book at: A taxi from the airport to the main station costs about 25 EUR.


If you want to book via us, please inform us when filling in the application form. If you want to book on your own, you find a selection of hotels in Duesseldorf below. It is recommended that you make your reservations well ahead of time, because there are often trade fairs in Duesseldorf resulting in fully booked or very expensive hotels.

Motel One Main Station
Address: Immermannstrasse 54, 40210 Duesseldorf

Hotel Ibis Main Station
Address: Konrad-Adenauer-Platz 14, 40210 Duesseldorf